Sunday, December 12, 2010

When is the ONseason???

So, my first professional offseason has been exactly that, off. Six months away from the game of baseball is a bit absurd, isn't it? Especially when you consider the fact that I have been playing ball for 11. 5 months out of every year since I was 8. Needless to say, it has taken me a while to adjust to the "rigors" of the offseason. But, as soon as I find myself twiddling my thumbs and checking the App Store every two seconds for new iPhone apps to entertain me, baseball activities have officially resumed. I started playing catch this week and I've began to ratchet up my training. Spring training is still almost three months away, but I'm sure the next three months will move much faster than the last three. Boy am I glad for that. 

Now, I haven't completely been sitting on my behind this whole offseason. Besides from working out and training I am also giving pitching lessons at my old High School. It's really been fun to help out some kids who are in the same position as I was about eight years ago. I feel like I have had such a great baseball upbringing and I am more than glad to pass on some of my knowledge. The funny thing is, as a pitching coach who is supposed to impart wisdom, I feel like I have so much more to learn. I've come to realize that baseball is a process. These kids are just at an earlier stage of "the pursuit" than I am. The day you stop learning things about yourself and about the game is the day baseball has passed you by. I hope I don't stop learning for a long time.

To be completely honest, there has been a lot of sitting on my butt this offseason too; at least compared to the constant hustle and bustle of the season. But, I've found ways to entertain myself. I've learned how to play a few songs on my iPhone piano,  I've become an expert at NCAA football 11, I've watched a few good documentaries on Hulu, and I've made a slideshow from my pictures and videos of this year in Williamsport on iMovie. Special thanks to Rhashan for giving me most of my good footage.