Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 1: Season 2

So here we go again. The inevitable moment that still doesn't seem quite real to me has finally arrived. I have officially reported to Spring Training. Minor League Baseball isn't about smooth transitions. You get thrown into and out of the fire at will and only the mentally strong survive. This morning when I arrived at the airport I tweeted (insert shameless plug for @eric_pettis on twitter) "initiate survival mode". And thats really what it is, it's about surviving. I think I talked about this in one of my posts last year, whoever can make themselves the most comfortable being uncomfortable will prevail. So this morning, as I left the comfort of home, I flipped the switch. For the next six months there is no such thing as comfort. There is only survival. And if you survive, you win. And winning is the ultimate comfort.

....Enough philosophizing and on to the logistics. Today was basically the standard travel day mixed in with some preliminary medical testing that will undoubtedly go on for the next few weeks. Oh, and I got my first taste of Lenny's, the place where I will be dining every day for the next month (you can bet there will be a post about that later on down the road). Tomorrow is a 5:15 AM wakeup call for blood work and our official physicals. Reporting from Clearwater, FL I'm Eric Pettis, back to you in the studio......

Cool picture of a baby looking over Garett's shoulder at the airport

Key tool in my survival kit... live Slingbox feed


  1. Guess who's bacckk....bacckk again

  2. Hi Eric,
    Who's gonna win the Minute to Win it, ping pong challenge now?

    (Glad you had a safe trip to Flo.)

  3. Hi Eric,

    Love from your Aunts and Uncles in Las Vegas.

    We are very proud of you.

  4. Nice post. Look forward to hearing more about Spring Training. Good luck!

  5. Would you be interested in writing a weekly guest post on our Ironpig's blog?

    Email me at if you'd like to.


  6. Let’s hope the WiFi situation is better this time around. “Borrowed” signals and propped open doors just won’t cut it this season.