Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back on the Saddle

Well, I haven't been able to post in a while because as you can imagine the wireless internet situation in humble Williamsport, PA is less than up to my yuppie Southern Californian standards. So, today in order to post I have propped open the basement door with a folding chair and the screen door with a rocking chair, all in order to steal wireless internet from the next door neighbor. Thank you USR8054, whoever you are.

So the past few days have been very very long but things are starting to feel normal. I've settled down with my host family Fran and Don Pfaff. It's a pretty good set up. Jeff and I have the basement to ourselves, complete with living room, bathroom, refrigerator, and bedroom. I am getting more comfortable with my teammates, and even starting to communicate with some of the Latin guys. And our team is, dare I say, pretty good. We started out winning the first three games and things looked pretty easy for us. We lost last night but I think that is probably just a blip on the radar. Our team is FAST. We beat out infield singles, run balls down in the field, and are overall just a fun group to watch. Now, by no means are these guys polished, and to be quite honest thats what I expected from this level. But you can see the talent....

Oh ya, almost forgot. I started my first game this week. I felt awful, but the results were good. There is no doubt in my mind that if I stay healthy I will do just fine in this league. The balls we use here have smaller seams and the fastball moves so much. It took me a few innings to get used to the extra movement. So, while I was making my adjustment I was a bit sloppy and not really pitching the style of ball I like. But, the last two innings were really good and have my confidence high for the next outing. It's really easy to keep working hard when you get good results like I did my first time out. I'm excited to get out there everyday and try to get better...

So here is what a standard day looks like for me....(except for the 2 days a week that we have to workout @ 930)

Wake up @1030 or 11
Shower and eat
Get to the field @1
Do arm exercises, get stretched out
Pitchers stretch @245
Conditioning then long toss
Everyone stretch @330
Fundamentals @350
Batting Practice @4
Rest in the Clubhouse from 5-630
Game from 7-10
Home by 1030
Sleep @ 1230 or 1 then all again the next day

Thats about all for now.... Here are some pictures from the past week

Our Bedroom

My Bed

State College's field

Post-game Picnic

First-start Baseball


  1. Funny thing, after such a strong first start I immediately logged on to my Fantasy Baseball league to pick this guy up. Wouldn’t you know, they didn’t have him listed yet…stupid CBS Sportsline, what do they know.

    Great first start. If that was “awful” and “sloppy” I’d hate to be the team that sees “sharp” and “effective”.


  2. Nice first outing Eric. Keep em wondering.

  3. Glad to see you blogging again! Love the synopsis of your schedule - we were wondering what your day was like. I'm TIRED for you!

    Oh and ditto what Jason said. If that was sloppy and awful, then can't wait to see sharp and effective! We were all listening in the office, cheering you on. You make us proud...

    And love the hot air balloon bed! Makes me smile.