Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Christmas in June

So if yesterday was the longest short day ever, today was the longest long day ever. Did I mention it was long....

First I had my 5 am wakeup call to take a shower and get ready for physicals. I walked with the seven other new draftees a few blocks through downtown Philly to get to the Rothman Institute. From 7am to 10 we were getting ultrasounds, x-rays, ortho and general physicals. I was already tired. After getting a quick bite to eat we had to be back down in the lobby at 1130 to get picked up by the bus on its way to Williamsport.

When I walked into the bus I realized that this was minor league baseball. Twenty some odd new faces, 30 percent of which only spoke spanish didn't even care to glance as I walked on, entranced by their card games. So, I sat in the front next to Jeff and proceeded to be cramped for the next 3 hours. After dropping our bags off at the hotel that we are staying while the host family situation is settled, we were on our way to the field.

Santa must have recently been to Bowman field because there was loads of new stuff waiting for us when we got there. New shorts, socks, hats, workout shirts, cleats, and glove were all nicely packaged in our Phillies bag. It was more and nicer stuff than we had ever gotten at Irvine. Next we picked our numbers....Those who got moved down from low A got first choice, then those who came from extended spring got second choice, and the new draftees were last. Already accepting the fact that I would end up with a horrific number, I was shocked that my second choice #21 was left when it was my turn. So now I am officially #21 in your Crosscutters program and #1 in your hearts.

After a short workout we were back to the hotel, quick meal at Olive Garden, and back to the room for some well needed rest. Today was a long day, but it was well worth it.


  1. Actually, you are also #21 in our hearts

  2. Hi Eric,

    Love your blog! We'll be checking in regularly. Philly looks great. I love old big cities - lots of history. Happy to hear the Phillies are treating you well and you got #21!! Good luck tomorrow and we miss you already!!

    (Uncle Donny says, "hit a homerun".

  3. Great way to hear how things are going. Glad things are going well. Nice job 21! Take Care Eric...

  4. If you didn't go to J's links, then you didn't see this:

    Crosscutter's TOP PERFORMER: Freaking Eric Pettis, man. Freaking Pettis.