Monday, June 14, 2010


Day one is the longest shortest day ever. My body has no sense of the time of day. The only thing I know is that I have to leave the hotel at 6:30 eastern, 3:30 body time for physicals tomorrow. But I guess that's what you have to do when your a professional.

I love big cities. Philly is so cool. Our hotel has got to be in the richest area of the city, with the Ritz-Carlton adjacent. Jeff and I walked around a bit today and while the buildings are really cool the weather is 9pm it felt like we were in a sauna. I guess thats what we have to get used. I looked at the weather for the next 10 days and its anywhere from 85-95 degrees and sticky. Won't have to worry about getting loose.

Anyway, its been a pretty exciting day. Probably the only day for the rest of the season we will be treated like big leaguers (our dinner was comped too). They're giving us a little taste so we know what we are working toward. Tomorrow is physicals and a 3 hour drive to Williamsport.....

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