Monday, June 28, 2010


Karma is most certainly a bitch, especially when it isn't even your karma that you have to pay for. So, the last two days we were playing in Jamestown, NY and all I could hear was players, coaches, and staff members bitch about how bad EVERYTHING in Jamestown is. "The clubhouse is so small and dirty" "the dugouts are tiny and I almost hit my head on the top""the field is in bad condition""the people here in Jamestown are so weird""Jamestown sucks"....And on and on, it wouldn't stop. And to be honest, ya it wasn't the nicest place to play in the world , but I didn't think it was all that bad. Uncomfortable, yes, but not to the point to where it had to be the theme of the weekend. Even our manager, the field general, the one who is supposed to be the calm operator of the whole team told me, "Pettis, this is the second worst place that you will ever play in your whole career." I'd hate to see the worst.......

Our bitching didn't go unnoticed, the baseball gods were listening. They said, oh you think this is bad, we'll show you bad. So, to pay for our piss poor attitude as a team, we were given the trip back home from hell. About 30 minutes into our 3 and a half hour ride back home, we pull to the side of the road. And I think to myself this can't be good. After a long, suspenseful pause, one of our coaches stands up and tells us that it will be three hours until a new bus can come to pick us up to go another 3 hours. To make things worse, I had a seat-partner on the bus for the first time since I've been out here. So, for the next 6 hours I was cramped in the corner of a freezing cold bus, trying to get comfortable to sleep off the time (I only actually got an hour of sleep) and half watching the movies that were on half listening to music half annoyed and half pissed off. We got back to the field at 5 am after a 5 pm game (which we lost) that was rain shortened. 12 hours of karma courtesy of the baseball gods...

Here are some pictures I took on my run Saturday in Jamestown...

A nearby park

So old that the streets are made of brick

A typical Jamestown house

A distant view of the field (you can barely see it left of the trees)


  1. It's not California ... but Jamestown doesn't look so bad!

  2. That's all part of the adventure that is "Minor League Baseball". Enjoying your blog!

  3. Just take it all in and keep that glass half full attitude. It looks like a nice place to visit... lol

  4. I just did the math on all those halves you talked about (annoyed, pissed, movie, music) and I’m starting to wonder about the credibility of UCI math professors.

  5. Hugs and more hugs about your Jamestown trip! I'm blogging from Texas right now. I guess it's your initiation into minor leagues but I hear you about bringing on bad Karma. I believe it!

  6. Js comments always make me laugh...I think he should start a blog too!