Saturday, July 10, 2010


One thing that I have really enjoyed about playing minor league baseball is all the promotions that our ballpark comes up with to try to get butts in the seats. Our head of marketing Gabe, has come up with some really inventive ways to try to create some buzz at the ballpark. Some people might think it's corny or cheesy or whatever out-dated expression you want to put on it, but I think it's kinda neat (another out-dated expression). I see it like this, the fact that people take the time to try to think of ideas for people to come out and see us play baseball means that we are kind of important. All your life you play baseball in near anonymity, but when you're a professional there are actually other people whose sole job is to try to get more people to watch YOU. It's a complete 180 from the family and friend atmosphere of Anteater Ballpark, where everyone knows your name (yes, I just alluded to Cheers). 
So most parks do promotions on an every-now-and-then basis, but our park, good ole Historic Bowman, takes it to a new level. The last six home games we have had a theme of the night. First it was July 4th (on July 3rd I might add), then it was Circus at the Ballpark, next was Irish-American Night, followed by Christmas in July, and Ballpark Beach Party, and finally tonight was Military Appreciation Day..... It has been a little exhausting. Speaking of exhausted, the scoreboard manager must be tired because every night he has had to Photoshop a new effect on our pictures for the scoreboard. First it was Uncle Sam hats on July 3rd, then clown hair and nose, then a leprechaun hat, then a Santa hat, then sunglasses, and finally tonight was an Army helmet (These actually look really cool and I wish I had a good enough camera to take pictures of them). But, I think my favorite part of the whole promotional thing is when on the rare occasion we get to wear a special hat or uniform. Last post I showed you guys the hat for the 4th and today we got to wear camouflage uniforms. I have always loved watching games where teams wore special uniforms, whether it be throwbacks or holidays or whatever, and now I get to be one of those players. It's pretty cool. Although, today I was in the stands charting so I didn't actually get to wear it but I still felt like I was a part of it. I think promotions are one of the things that make minor league baseball unique. It's a little slice of Americana or Irish-Americana or Whatever-Americana that night has in store....
.........On a side note, we drove by the Little League World Series field today. It is awesome. It was almost surreal to see it in person after having watched it for so many years. I'm sure I'll post about it sometime down the road.


Howard J. Lamade Stadium


  1. Good luck in your game on Sunday.

  2. Sounds like a whole lot of fun! Are you sure you're getting paid to do this? Great job, if you can get it.

    GOOD LUCK TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. As always, really fascinating stuff. Never thought about it, but most of the folks that come to the games are there because they are the team's fans; largely from the area, I imagine. Must be a very different experience.

  4. Best idea ever...Eric Pettis bobblehead night.

    Pass that on.

  5. Beautiful game, by the way.