Friday, July 2, 2010


Don't really have much to say in this blog of consequence, just some random stuff that I thought would be fun to share. First, remember the video I posted of Rhashan the "Director of Smiles". Well, before his usual sendoff yesterday one of our relief pitchers Siulman Lebron decided to poke fun at our superfan...

Pretty good impression (minus the accent)

Also, I think its about time that I gave a shout out to an American staple, the PB and J. As a minor league baseball player I consider myself an expert on the subject. I have two everyday as part of my pre-game meal (kinda sounds like Happy Gilmore's Subway commercial). But seriously, if you don't like this all-too-familiar concoction as a minor leaguer, you will be in a lot of pain. Because, literally, we have it EVERY day. Luckily for me, I like it. And I have no problem eating the same thing everyday for the rest of my life (don't hold me to that). So, I just thought that it would be appropriate to give the PB and J some love on my blog since its given me so much love the last few weeks....

Typical pre-game spread

An ode to PB and J

Finally, I leave you with some pictures from my run around State College, which is right next to Penn States football field....

Pretty Sky

Penn State Football Stadium

The closest I could get to the playing surface (its the square of light in the distance)

Joe Pa's Statue

Baseball Stadium (left) Football Stadium (right)


  1. You visited my university! I hope you liked it. If you ever go back you must go to the Creamery for the best ice cream. Go Nittany Lions!
    By the way, I am proud of you, not only for playing great baseball but for writing an engaging blog! Someone had a good writing teacher! :)

  2. Put the banana in the pb&j, with some crushed we're talking. A meal fit for the finely tuned athlete.

    By the way…you’re job is so much cooler than mine. Maybe I still have time to make a run at the pros…33 year old rookie w/ no power, weak arm, decent speed and high strikeout rate. Put in a word with the coach, make sure to highlight my 4 tools above.

  3. Loving the blog, cousin! It's crazy to see you in red after so many years in blue, but it looks good on you! Can't wait to get my Crosscutters hat, and have I mentioned that Zac loves that your mascot is a lumberjack? He's working on the grizzly beard now. Yay for me.