Thursday, July 1, 2010

3rd Times Almost a Charm

So I started my third game yesterday and it was a good one. I took a no hitter into the seventh inning before giving up my only hit of the game. While the results were special, I didn't feel like I did anything above and beyond to get the results. Perhaps it was just the right team for me to face at the right time, but I feel like I can pitch like that every game. Now, I don't expect to have the kind of results I did every time out, but as far as execution goes I think I should be able to replicate that on a consistent basis. It was funny, looking back at last night, how relaxed I was. I was on the mound without a care in the world. I wasn't really thinking about throwing a no-hitter, even though I was aware of it. I was just trying to execute every pitch and throw the right pitches in the right situation. That's one thing that I like so much more than college, and I think it makes you better as a pitcher too. In college, your coach calls all the pitches and you have limited leeway to shake off to something you are more comfortable with throwing. But, in pro ball every pitch is your decision so you are thinking through every at-bat so much more than in college. And when it is your pitch that you are throwing it seems to be so much easier to execute than if it came from the man in charge. I don't know, maybe its the type of pitcher I am. I can't blaze my 97 mph fastball by people or throw an absolutely nasty slider and people will get themselves out. I really have to construct an at-bat, set the hitter up, and execute the pitch to get them out. So, its really a nice change for me to be able to call my own game and out think the hitter.

One reporter asked me yesterday, "Through three starts you have some pretty good numbers, as a 35th round pick did you need some early success to give you confidence?" Inside I was laughing my ass off...But I told him, "Definitely not. I don't see myself as a 35th round pick (thats a whole other blog). I expect these kind of performances out of myself and I would not settle for anything less." And thats one thing I've really noticed about this level of baseball. We all know the draft is a stupid process that doesn't reward those who it should, but I didn't know how stupid it was till I got here. Success is not determined by where you get drafted or how much your signing bonus is. Success at this level is determined by how well you play the game. I'm not talking about raw talent either, its about respecting the game of baseball and playing it the right way. A person who knows how to play the right way will beat out someone with better raw skills any day. And you can see it almost across the board, especially with pitchers. Just look at the numbers and then look at the draft position, it's laughable. The whole tools bullshit that scouts look at has nothing to do with being a successful player. Sure, tools help but they aren't necessary or sufficient to making a good baseball player. What is necessary and sufficient is the knowledge of how to play the game and how to get better every day. And that is what I will try to do for the rest of my career.

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  1. So when do you start packing for Clearwater, or better yet...Reading? Have you sent Gillespie a postcard yet? You probably should.

    One more thing, don't forget to thank your host family. Maybe exchange email, trade a few hugs and sign the wall above your bed. Hope they don't miss you too much.

  2. Another article link

  3. So cool that you can call your own game now. That reporter definitely doesn't know you at all..."did you need some early success to give you confidence?"
    Have fun, no worries, livin' the dream!

  4. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  5. Eric, it's so great to read your blog (think someone has Aunt Char's writing genes!) We 'watch' every game and cheer you on. Our friend, Ron was an Ump for some of your ECR and West Hills games and thinks you'll go far too!! Keep up your positive attitude and ignore the nay sayers, create your own good Karma as you're doing. Good luck on your next start!
    Robin aka Robiroo (your Mom's 'old' friend and your Aunt's BFF)

  6. Hi Eric - thanks for the birthday wishes via Jason. We had a nice BBQ and sent you cyber Italian sausages! Needless to say we missed you but you are where you should be. We are enjoying the blogs... keep um coming. And you are WISE BEYOND YOUR YEARS... learning about life and how sometimes the deserved ones get little respect. But it all equals out eventually. Remember what Grandpa used to say, "Success is the best revenge". So show them all what we know you're made of!!