Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Writer's Block

I had my 5th start the other day and it was a good one. So, you would think that I would have tons to write about and that I would be able to eloquently describe every pitch……..but I can't. This blog has been a lot of fun to do and really something that I look forward to every couple of days. I can write for hours on the promotions in the park or what I have to eat or really almost anything. But, I have been finding it increasingly hard to write about the one thing that I came here to do, pitch. In the beginning it was ok because everything was new and there were a lot of things to say, but now that I've been through it a few times I feel like a broken record. But you know what, as an athlete I think thats a good thing. It's not my job as an athlete to be able to comment on every aspect of my performance, that's for the columnists and the sports writers. My job is to forget about what I did last time and begin to prepare for the next time. It would be almost anti-athletic of me to come here and write a three page blog about every outing. Instead I could give you some standard phrases like, "executing pitches","having a good mindset", "battling", or "setting up hitters". But, that's where the broken record comes into play. So, today, when faced with a writers block about my last start, instead of thinking it was a bad thing I realized that's how my mind is supposed to work. Today, I'm not focused on thinking about my last start. I'm thinking about my bullpen, the 10 three-quarter poles I have to run, and if the weather will hold up for the game. If you want to be the best athlete you can be you have to always be present. If you get stuck thinking about the past, thats when you get in trouble. Now, if my blog suffers then oh well. I'd rather be a good athlete with an average blog than the other way around.

P.S. I was doing my running yesterday around Williamsport and I found an area of town called West Hills....small world.


  1. I wish Williamsport WAS in West Hills. That way we could all come to your games!!!!!

  2. Your blog is not boring to me. You could write about what you had for breakfast or what shoe you put on first this morning!!

  3. Hey- I get writer's block too! Wonder why? And your insights of the Whole Experience is what we love to hear. See, this West Hills sign, made me smile!! Love to hear what life is like in the Minors. Keep it coming!!

  4. If you continue to run out of things to write about then create your own conspiracy theory and run with it..alien invasions, zombie baseball players, etc... Or blog the story line of Bull Durham as if it was your day to day life.

    If all that fails then keep writing about PB&J.

    If you write it, they will read it.

  5. Just like Jason wrote.... If you write it, they will read it. It's great to hear your view on things and a fantastic way to do bulk mailing...lol Write when you want... we'll be here.

  6. From the Philies Site (Minor League Review)

    Players of the Week

    Pitcher: RHP Eric Pettis, Williamsport Crosscutters. 2-0 in 2 starts. In 14 total innings, he allowed 9 hits, 3 runs, 1 walk and struck out 8. He's 4-0 with a 1.16 ERA in first 5 pro starts. The 22-year-old was a 35th round selection this summer out of the University of California at Irvine.